About Jonathan

I am the owner of Headshots, by WKND, a portrait studio
based in Seattle, WA. My specialization is in portraiture for corporate and
commercial clients. Some of my past clients include Nike, The Discovery
Channel, Statefarm, and American Airlines.

Much of my work involves helping large businesses develop polished, high end
photography assets for their marketing and sales efforts. I am often working
on site at my client's offices and shooting large volumes of their people on a
recurring basis.

My work is deliberately clean and free of distractions, and many organizations
hire me specifically for this modern approach to headshot photography. When
people step in front of my lens, I want to capture the real expressions–the
moments in between the forced smiles and uncomfortable faces, and I capitalize
on those moments to create images that authentically portray the essence of
each person's charm.

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