You want consistency, repeatability, and efficiency

My clients trust me to capture these images of their employees because my work brings a human touch to their ever-changing workforce. Their offices are scattered from one end of the country to the other, and they value the fact that my work offers a consistent and relatable look. 

In the face of constant personnel changes or growth, my style ensures that each headshot reflects not just professionalism but also a genuine sense of identity. It's not just about a uniform look; it's about creating a visual thread that connects their diverse team, making each employee feel recognized and valued no matter where they are in the company.

What teams hire me for

Recurring, consistent images

Many of my corporate clients hire me on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to update headshots for new hires.

On-site at your office

I can bring the studio to your office. I'm able to do my work in as little space as an 8'x8' room, reducing disruption to your business day.

Fast turnaround

I can effectively photograph an individual in as little as 90 seconds. After a shoot my post-production workflow is as modern as it gets, involving AI and the latest retouching tools that allow me to get finished files to my clients in as little as a few hours.

Schedule a consultation

If you're interested in learning more about my work or want to discuss booking a session, I'd love to chat. The first step is to schedule a quick 15-minute consultation.

Schedule your consultation

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